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Student Organization Spotlight: Chance to Dance

If you have a passion for both education and dance, then consider becoming a member of the DePaul organization Chance to Dance. Chance to Dance provides free dance classes to children of low income families in grades K-8 through their sister company Revelations, the on-campus performance dance company for DePaul students. Chance to Dance doesn’t meet on a set schedule, but rather works with individual elementary and middle schools to find a schedule that works for their students. 

Chance to Dance provides classes in in the styles of contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. They will begin rehearsals in Winter Quarter, and the program culminates with a recital in June at the end of the academic year. Chance to Dance will not only help you gain experience in instructing students, but you will also have an opportunity to use creativity to help children learn and express themselves.

Chance to Dance started holding meetings in October and will be organizing a retreat during the month of November. They will also be attending a production of The Nutcracker on December 10th. If Chance to Dance seems like an organization that fits you and your talents, you can request to join through OrgSync. You can also send an email to the organization president at

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Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth

Do you have Friday afternoons open? Looking for an opportunity to volunteer your tutoring services? Then you’re going to want to check out this volunteer opportunity with DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth. DVSY meets on Friday afternoons at 2:15 on the third floor of the Student Center, between the UMIN office and the Office of New Student and Family Engagement. They leave campus at about 2:30 and drive to East Garfield Park to tutor at the Marillac House. DVSY tutors students at the Marillac House and they usually return to campus around 5:30. It is so easy to volunteer with DVSY; all you have to do it show up on Friday afternoons!

The program that DVSY helps out with at the Marillac House is called Hope Jr. While at the Marillac House, they work with students ages 5-14. Some days each tutor helps one or two students each, but sometimes there can be a whole table of students all working on different things. Their goal is to have each student finish their homework and still have time to do a fun activity with the students at the end of the tutoring session.

Participating in DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth will allow you to work with elementary and middle school students and get a lesson in adaptability, which is an important skill for all teachers to have. Some days the organization might see ten students, but most days there are upwards of fifty students that are being helped by DePaul students! The students at Marillac House come from both public and private schools in the area and are at different levels of academic proficiency. DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth prides itself as a service organization that has members who are able to be flexible and adapt to new situations.

For more information on this volunteer opportunity, you can email, check out their OrgSync profile, or join their group on Facebook.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Best Buddies

If you’re still looking for an organization to join on campus, have no fear! We’ve got another great organization that would love some new members, the DePaul chapter of Best Buddies. Best Buddies, an organization based on friendship, forms bonds between DePaul students and special education high school students. The DePaul chapter partners with Northside Learning Center, an all-special education Chicago Public High School. Because Best Buddies works with students in the Chicago Public School system, you will have a chance to see the special education programs function within CPS and have the chance to work with high school age students. Best Buddies is also dedicated to the education of their members and are sure to teach members about different intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Best Buddies meets once a quarter as a group to plan out social events that take place on and off the Northside Learning Center campus. The social events are also held monthly, usually on weekends.  Some past events that Best Buddies have enjoyed include a Halloween Party, bowling, Men’s basketball games and more.

Another component of the Best Buddies program is the opportunity to form a one-to-one friendship. Those members who are matched with a Northside Learning Center student are then required to meet with their buddy twice a month and communicate with them through phone, texting, or online means once a week.

Best Buddies first event will be a Meet & Greet on October 6th from 6 to 8 pm in Coretlyou Commons. Then, they will have a Matching Party on October 19th at Northside Learning Center followed by a Halloween Party on September 28th at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus, and November Movie & Game Day on November 10th at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus.

To become a member of the organization, either email, add the organization on OrgSync, or fill out an application at

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Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: A Safe Haven

In addition to student organizations that relate to education majors, DePaul offers volunteer opportunities that will also help you to informally polish skills that you will use with students when you approach student teaching or your internship. University Ministry offers many volunteer opportunities that will allow you to give back to the Chicago community. One volunteer opportunity that University Ministry offers is A Safe Haven, which meets every other Friday at 1801 S. Wabash, a site that provides permanent supportive housing for residents who are, or have previously been, homeless. Residents are supported by counseling and training to help increase their employment skills.

University Ministry takes groups of students to Safe Haven on alternating Fridays, where they share information on topics that the residents have chosen. These information sessions can be on topics like budgeting, using computers, and the Internet. You will be able to interact with the residents in an educational setting, and you will work to relay the information to residents in a clear and engaging way.  Also, after each session, University Ministry reflects with volunteers on the experience and will provide volunteers with a meal or snack.

For more information, please contact Roseann Palermo, Community Service Outreach Intern, in University Ministry at  You can learn more about A Safe Haven at

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Campus Connection 101

If you’re new to DePaul and wondering just exactly what Campus Connection is and why it is so vital to your academic career, then you’ve come to the right place! Campus Connection is your go-to place for registration, financial aid, viewing your degree progress report, seeing which books you need to buy, paying your tuition bill, and much more.

There are a few key tasks that you need to know how to perform in order to be a proactive and successful student in the College of Education, and we’re here to help you learn how to use the system. This blog will help to highlight a few of the things you should know right away, but you can always call or IM the COE Advising office if you get stuck.

First of all, make sure that you can log into Campus Connection. If you can’t remember your username or password, check out this website for more help.  Once you’ve logged into Campus Connect, the homepage will be able to guide you to a lot of the different tasks that are available to you. Some tasks can be found in the Advising Center.  Also on the homepage you can find a link to view your class schedule, tuition account, holds on your account, and financial aid.

One of the most important functions of Campus Connection is registration. You will register yourself for each upcoming quarter using Campus Connection. You can search for classes in upcoming terms and then enroll in them once registration is open. To figure out when you’ll be able to register for the next quarter, you can view your Enrollment Appointment. There is also a Planner to create a long-term plan and a Course Cart where you can store classes that are needed to complete your degree. Then, when registration comes around, you can enroll in classes using your Course Cart.

If you’re not sure which classes you should be adding to your Course Cart, you should contact your academic advisor. However, you can also always view classes that have counted towards your degree and which classes you have remaining through your Degree Progress Report, also found on Campus Connect.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Peer Health Exchange

One DePaul student organization that is seeking to make a difference in the Chicago community is Peer Health Exchange. If you are interested in teaching health workshops to high school students who don’t have health classes included in their regular curriculum, then this is the organization for you. Peer Health Exchange is currently seeking new members who want to develop their teaching and leadership skills. This organization is the perfect way to supplement any observation hours you might be doing this quarter.

 As a part of this organization, you’ll need to commit four to six hours a week for the 2012-2013 academic year to help teach workshops to high school students. This will give you practice being in front of the classroom, as you will be teaching lessons each week on health topics. No matter which subject level or grade level you plan on teaching, this organization will help you gain experience in the field. You’ll travel to different high schools in the community, make valuable connections, and learn a lot!

Peer Health Exchange is having information sessions on Tuesday, September 18th at 7pm and Thursday, September 20th at 6pm. The sessions will be held in the John T. Richardson Library in Room 400. They will have free food, as well as information on the application process. The applications are already online at and there is a priority deadline of September 14th.

Have questions? You can contact the organization at

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Student Organization Spotlight: Involvement Fair

No plans for Sunday afternoon? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Office of Student Involvement has the perfect event that will help kick-off our quarter of “getting involved” in all that DePaul has to offer on campus. The Lincoln Park campus Involvement Fair will be held this Sunday, September 9th from 11 am-3 pm in the Quad. The weather is supposed to be cool and sunny, which is perfect for walking around the Involvement Fair and checking out all of the organizations different tables.

At the Involvement Fair, you will be able to stop by different tables and chat with representatives from each student organization. They will have informational brochures, pictures of events, and sometimes even giveaways like t-shirts and cups. The Involvement Fair is open to all DePaul University students, and it’s a great way to sample each organization to find your best fit.

There will be a huge range of organizations there, from fraternities and sororities to honors societies, service and volunteer organizations to club sports, you’re sure to find an organization that interests you and gets you excited about being involved on campus.

Our challenge to you is to attend the Involvement Fair. Bring a friend or two and hit up the tables, snag some giveaways, and meet some new people! And, if your schedule is already booked for Sunday afternoon, do not fear. A Loop Campus Involvement Fair will be held on September 12 from 11 am-5 pm in the DePaul Center on the Concourse Level.

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Welcome to Fall Quarter 2012!

It’s time to dust off that backpack, pick up your U-Pass, and head back to school because Autumn Quarter is now underway. All of us here at the COE Advising Office would like you welcome you to DePaul. So, put your schedule in your planner (check Campus Connection if you still don’t know what it is!), buy your books from the bookstore, and get ready to buckle down and learn for the next ten weeks.

If you still haven’t finalized your schedule for the Autumn Quarter, we’ve got you covered. All this week, you can stop SAC 481 for walk-in appointments with your Academic Advisor. The last day to add a class is Tuesday, September 11th so you’ve still got a little bit of time to make your final decisions. If you’ve got a quick question, you can always IM the COE Advising Office.

Thinking about getting involved in something other than your classes? Autumn Quarter is also going to be the quarter to “Get Involved” on campus, and we’re going to be helping you ease into the new school year with some helpful tips on how to participate in the organizations and volunteer opportunities that DePaul has to offer. DePaul currently offers over 300 student organizations and the list can be quite daunting to sort through.

But, no worries. We’ve done the work for you and will give you more information on organizations that will get you excited about your future career in education (and will give your resume a little boost). Each week, you can look forward to learning about student organizations that are currently on campus holding events, volunteering, and talking about education-related issues. Then it’s up to you to take the plunge, use your Campus Connect account to log on to OrgSync, and join!

Also, we know that you like us in real life, so be sure to “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. That way, you’ll be able to receive up-to-date news and reminders, as well as information on the traffic for walk-in appointments.

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A Fond Farewell – ’til Winter Quarter!

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, which means two things: 1.) Fall Quarter at DePaul is finished and 2.) We’re about to have a big meal. So, fairly exciting days right now. Before you go, however, we wanted to wish you a fond farewell. Although the Advising and Student Teaching Offices will remain open throughout the winter break (see here for office hours), the COE Advising Blog will be taking a short break.

But, not for long. Starting Winter Quarter, we’ll return with weekly posts, highlighting all the nooks and crannies of your academic plan. Face it, there’s always something to discuss. So expect myriad content; digressing further on certification and graduation; highlighting more of our faculty, advisors, and staff; and providing you with all the top quality information a student at DePaul needs.

For now, though, go relax and chill. Don’t worry, we’ll be knocking on your inbox soon enough.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Type 73 and Type 75 Certificates

In our last blog, we talked about teaching certificates and endorsements. Remember – the teaching certificate indicates the age range of the students you are able to teach and the endorsement indicates the subject you are able to teach to those students.

Well, what about the other certificates? In addition to Teaching Certificates, ISBE issues two other types of certificates: the School Service Personnel (Type 73) and the Administrative (Type 75) Certificates.

These certificates have their own set of endorsements, and instead of indicating the subject the educator can teach, it indicates the role of the educator. For example, Counseling students who complete the School Counseling concentration are completing an approved program for the Type 73 certificate with the School Counselor endorsement. Educators who receive this certificate and endorsement are able to work in a school as a School Counselor for grades K-12.

The Type 75 certificate is for school administrators, and depending on which endorsement you have on the certificate depends on the job you hold. For example, if you have a Type 75 certificate with the General Administrative endorsement, you can work as a school principal for grades K-12. If you have a Type 75 certificate with the Superintendent endorsement, you can work as the district’s superintendent.

For more information about certificates and endorsements, visit here.

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