Posted by: COE Advising | September 19, 2012

Campus Connection 101

If you’re new to DePaul and wondering just exactly what Campus Connection is and why it is so vital to your academic career, then you’ve come to the right place! Campus Connection is your go-to place for registration, financial aid, viewing your degree progress report, seeing which books you need to buy, paying your tuition bill, and much more.

There are a few key tasks that you need to know how to perform in order to be a proactive and successful student in the College of Education, and we’re here to help you learn how to use the system. This blog will help to highlight a few of the things you should know right away, but you can always call or IM the COE Advising office if you get stuck.

First of all, make sure that you can log into Campus Connection. If you can’t remember your username or password, check out this website for more help.  Once you’ve logged into Campus Connect, the homepage will be able to guide you to a lot of the different tasks that are available to you. Some tasks can be found in the Advising Center.  Also on the homepage you can find a link to view your class schedule, tuition account, holds on your account, and financial aid.

One of the most important functions of Campus Connection is registration. You will register yourself for each upcoming quarter using Campus Connection. You can search for classes in upcoming terms and then enroll in them once registration is open. To figure out when you’ll be able to register for the next quarter, you can view your Enrollment Appointment. There is also a Planner to create a long-term plan and a Course Cart where you can store classes that are needed to complete your degree. Then, when registration comes around, you can enroll in classes using your Course Cart.

If you’re not sure which classes you should be adding to your Course Cart, you should contact your academic advisor. However, you can also always view classes that have counted towards your degree and which classes you have remaining through your Degree Progress Report, also found on Campus Connect.


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