Posted by: COE Advising | September 27, 2012

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: A Safe Haven

In addition to student organizations that relate to education majors, DePaul offers volunteer opportunities that will also help you to informally polish skills that you will use with students when you approach student teaching or your internship. University Ministry offers many volunteer opportunities that will allow you to give back to the Chicago community. One volunteer opportunity that University Ministry offers is A Safe Haven, which meets every other Friday at 1801 S. Wabash, a site that provides permanent supportive housing for residents who are, or have previously been, homeless. Residents are supported by counseling and training to help increase their employment skills.

University Ministry takes groups of students to Safe Haven on alternating Fridays, where they share information on topics that the residents have chosen. These information sessions can be on topics like budgeting, using computers, and the Internet. You will be able to interact with the residents in an educational setting, and you will work to relay the information to residents in a clear and engaging way.  Also, after each session, University Ministry reflects with volunteers on the experience and will provide volunteers with a meal or snack.

For more information, please contact Roseann Palermo, Community Service Outreach Intern, in University Ministry at  You can learn more about A Safe Haven at


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