Posted by: COE Advising | October 17, 2012

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth

Do you have Friday afternoons open? Looking for an opportunity to volunteer your tutoring services? Then you’re going to want to check out this volunteer opportunity with DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth. DVSY meets on Friday afternoons at 2:15 on the third floor of the Student Center, between the UMIN office and the Office of New Student and Family Engagement. They leave campus at about 2:30 and drive to East Garfield Park to tutor at the Marillac House. DVSY tutors students at the Marillac House and they usually return to campus around 5:30. It is so easy to volunteer with DVSY; all you have to do it show up on Friday afternoons!

The program that DVSY helps out with at the Marillac House is called Hope Jr. While at the Marillac House, they work with students ages 5-14. Some days each tutor helps one or two students each, but sometimes there can be a whole table of students all working on different things. Their goal is to have each student finish their homework and still have time to do a fun activity with the students at the end of the tutoring session.

Participating in DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth will allow you to work with elementary and middle school students and get a lesson in adaptability, which is an important skill for all teachers to have. Some days the organization might see ten students, but most days there are upwards of fifty students that are being helped by DePaul students! The students at Marillac House come from both public and private schools in the area and are at different levels of academic proficiency. DePaul Volunteers Serving Youth prides itself as a service organization that has members who are able to be flexible and adapt to new situations.

For more information on this volunteer opportunity, you can email, check out their OrgSync profile, or join their group on Facebook.


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