Posted by: COE Advising | October 26, 2012

Student Organization Spotlight: Chance to Dance

If you have a passion for both education and dance, then consider becoming a member of the DePaul organization Chance to Dance. Chance to Dance provides free dance classes to children of low income families in grades K-8 through their sister company Revelations, the on-campus performance dance company for DePaul students. Chance to Dance doesn’t meet on a set schedule, but rather works with individual elementary and middle schools to find a schedule that works for their students. 

Chance to Dance provides classes in in the styles of contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. They will begin rehearsals in Winter Quarter, and the program culminates with a recital in June at the end of the academic year. Chance to Dance will not only help you gain experience in instructing students, but you will also have an opportunity to use creativity to help children learn and express themselves.

Chance to Dance started holding meetings in October and will be organizing a retreat during the month of November. They will also be attending a production of The Nutcracker on December 10th. If Chance to Dance seems like an organization that fits you and your talents, you can request to join through OrgSync. You can also send an email to the organization president at


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